Maternal & Infant Health Commission

Vision Statement:  All Calhoun County infants will be born healthy and thrive.

Mission:  Improve birth outcomes and promote infant health through maternal education and support.



Maternal & Infant Health Commission

The Maternal & Infant Health Commission has aligned it’s goals and strategies with the State of Michigan Infant Mortality Reduction Plan. 

Goal 1: Achieve health equity and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities by addressing social determinants of health in all infant mortality goals and strategies

Goal 2: Implement a perinatal care system

Goal 3: Reduce premature births and low birth weight

Goal 4: Support increasing the number of infants who are born healthy and continue to thrive

Goal 5: Reduce sleep related infant deaths and disparities

Goal 6: Expand home visiting and other support programs to promote healthy women and children 

Goal 7: Support better health status of women and girls

Goal 8: Reduce unintended pregnancies

Goal 9: Promote behavioral health services and other programs to support vulnerable women and infants


To view the State of Michigan 2016-2019 Infant Mortality Reduction Plan CLICK HERE