Maternal & Infant Health Commission

Vision Statement:  All Calhoun County infants will be born healthy and thrive.

Mission:  Improve birth outcomes and promote infant health through maternal education and support.



Maternal & Infant Health Commission

The Maternal & Infant Health Commission has aligned it’s goals and strategies with the the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services 2020-2023 Mother Infant Health & Equity Improvement Plan (MIHEIP). 

The Strategic Vision of the Improvement Plan is: Zero preventable deaths. Zero health disparities. To achieve this collective vision, the Improvement Plan focuses on six primary priorities :

  • Health Equity
  • Healthy Women, Girls & Mothers
  • Optimal Birth Spacing and Intended Pregnancies
  • Full Term, Healthy Weight Babies
  • Infants Safely Sleeping
  • Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Well-Being

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