Infant Safe Sleep Coalition

Prevention of infant safe sleep deaths through education and provision of a safe sleep environment for families in need


2018 Goals:

  1. Develop and/or maintain tools, materials, and resources for agencies and providers to use/ distribute:
    1. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Infant Safe Sleep Video
    2. Born to Sleep Safe tip cards – in English, Spanish, and Burmese
    3. Born to Sleep Safe grandparent brochure
    4. Born to Sleep Safe website
    5. MDHHS brochures, posters, and door hangers
    6. Calhoun County Pack N Play program
    7. Period of PURPLE Crying video
    8. Presentations
  2. Provide education via presentations and resource distribution to agencies, health care providers, child care providers, and other community organizations that serve families
  3. Provide education and materials to parents, grandparents, and caregivers – directly and via partner organizations, per #2 above
  4. Develop a community awareness and advertising campaign for September 2018 – Infant Safe Sleep Awareness month

Efforts will be evaluated based on the tools and resources that are distributed, number of participants at each presentation and event, and the number of videos distributed.

Infant Safe Sleep Coalition

2017 Accomplishments:

  1. Group Presentations
    1. 11 presentation reaching approximately 198 attendees/families 
  2. Community Events
    1. 8 community events attended reaching approximately 1,800 attendees/families
  3. Pack N Play Distributions
    1. 172 Pack N Plays were distributed to families in need of a safe place for their babies to sleep. Prior to receiving the Pack N Play, families were presented with safe sleep education and resources to take home. The Pack N Play recipients were grateful to receive a crib and to learn about infant safe sleep. The recipients were asked to take a short quiz on safe sleep after receiving the education. Majority of the recipients received 100% on their quizzes after receiving the one-on-one education. For those who got a question wrong, the correct answer provided with an explanation.
  4. Informational Materials Distributed
    1. 3,530 tip cards provided to community organizations for distribution to their clients
    2. 89 grandparent brochures provided to community organizations for distribution to their clients
    3. 827 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) brochures provided to community organizations for distribution to their clients
    4. 1 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) poster was provided to a community organization
    5. 22 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) stickers were provided to community organizations
    6. 600 Period of PURPLE Crying Videos were distributed
  5. Advertising
    1. A movie theatre advertisement about safe sleep ran in the Battle Creek Lakeview Square Mall from the end of September 2016 unit April 2017
    2. The MDHHS Infant Safe Sleep Toolkit was passed on to key community stakeholders in August 2017 for advertising during Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month (September)  The toolkit was also used to develop Facebook posts that were shared on the CCPHD Facebook page
  6. Funding
    1. The ISSC was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Battle Creek Community Foundation for FY17 to help fund the Pack N Play program and for extra advertising/marketing
    2. A $1500 donation was made to the ISSC from Sexual Assault Services for FY17 to purchase fitted Pack N Play sheets to help support the Pack N Play program