Calhoun County Home Visiting Hub

Calhoun County Home Visiting Hub coordinates home visiting services in Calhoun County.

May 31st @ 8am

The Home Visiting Hub, a workgroup of the Maternal Infant Health Commission, began its work in 2013 as a way to bring together all programs providing home visits to families from during pregnancy until school entrance. 

Active members include the Expectant Parent Program through Community Action, Nurse-Family Partnership and Michigan Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program (MI-APPP) from the Calhoun County Public Health Department, three Maternal Infant Health Programs (Grace Health, Twenty Hands, and Silver Linings), two Infant Mental Health programs (Family and Children Services and Lutheran Social Services of Michigan), and three programs through the Calhoun Intermediate School District (Early Childhood Connections, Calhoun Great Start County Connections and Community Unlimited).


The three goals of the workgroup are to coordinate the home visiting continuum of services across the county, to recruit additional members to the group including service providers and parents, and to create and maintain a common referral process. To create a unified continuum of services, the group held a shared professional development training on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) and developed guiding principles for use of the ASQ within all programs. Participants included 41 persons from 14 agencies.


Additional service providers have been added to the group as new programs are implemented in the county. The group has partnered with the Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition to gather parent input and participation. Four parents attended the Michigan Home Visiting Conference to share their thoughts on home visiting services. 


In 2014, the Hub developed a common application and referral process for home visiting. This common process lessens the burden of making referrals to multiple programs with varying eligibility criteria and different forms and practices. New referral sources such as private OB providers and community agencies are now able to easily make these connections. The common referral is sent to 2-1-1 which determines eligibility based on a decision tree and connects families to the programs. The Home Visiting Hub members practice a no wrong door policy, ensuring that families are connected with a program based on their needs, and assist with transitions to other programs upon completion of the first program. 


The work of the Hub has resulted in families being referred from more agencies, improved coordination of services both at time of first referral and at transitions between programs, and the opportunity for more families to achieve the outcomes of these proven programs.

Workgroup Co-chairs: Michelle Datema and Susan Clark