Pregnancy Care Workgroup

The purpose of the Pregnancy Care Workgroup is develop a more integrated, coordinated, community approach to the pregnancy and birth experience in Calhoun County.  

2018 Goals

  • To look at evidence based programs around inter-conception care and prenatal care
  • Continue to strengthen the Baby Basics books/planners
  • Continue promoting the Born to Be Healthy website
  • Continue with the Mom & Baby Tobacco Free program at Grace Health
  • The Infant Safe Sleep continues to be a part of the Pregnancy Care Workgroup with reporting out in May and November each year



Pregnancy Care Workgroup

2017 Accomplishments: 

Baby Basics

  • For 2017, the OB offices of Calhoun County gave out 685 Baby Basics books/planners
  • We gave 10 Spanish Baby Basics books/planners to VOCES
  • Purchased 20 Arabic planners for the Tekonsha office
  • Integrated Health Partners (IHP) went to the OB offices and did training with the Baby Basics books/planners
  • In November 2016, we received a grant for $15,000 from the Battle Creek Community Foundation for Baby Basics books/planners. Currently have enough funding to provide books/planners for 2018


Born to Be Healthy Website

  • The Born to Be Healthy website has these initiatives: Born to Sleep Safe, Born to Breastfeed, Born to Be Tobacco Free, Born to Be Fit, Born to Learn and Born to Read
  • The Lead Task Force received a grant and in August 2017, they added an Infant/child Lead information page to the website 
  • The website stats have remained steady with 15,000 to 17,000 hits, but from August to November the hits increased to 48,442 to 38,252.  Adding the Lead Information page has increased the hits.  For January 2018, the hits remain at 22,118
  • The Born to Be website has been converted to cell phone format and has QR codes for easier access


Tobacco Use During Pregnancy

  • Grace Health received a $1,000 grant from Battle Creek Community Foundation in March 2017 for the program “Mom & Baby Free Tobacco Program”.   The program consists of pregnant women signing an agreement form when they are 8-12 weeks gestation to be smoke free during their pregnancy and receive random urine dips for nicotine use.  If they remain smoke free they will receive a $50.00 gift card in their third trimester and 100 diapers per month for 6 months.  We currently have 12 pregnant women in the program and 6 women have completed the program. 


Mental Health Needs

  • A Summit Pointe representative attended one of the meetings to go over the referral process for postpartum mental health needs